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‘BLOSSOM – Bridging long-term scenario and strategy analysis: organisation and methods’-Slovenia country case study- PDF Print
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EEA Technical report, No 5/2011
European Environment Agency, 2011

This report sets out the current status of the main institutional and governance arrangements for futures thinking in Slovenia with respect to environmental — and environment-related — policymaking. It is an update of the case study report completed under the previous Blossom project in October 2009. The report particularly tries to identify the success factors in ensuring futures thinking is embedded in environmental policymaking; however, barriers to success are also identified.

The national government in Slovenia has undertaken several futures/foresight initiatives over the past decade. As yet, these have been isolated studies and exercises: Slovenia does not have a fixed government programme for study and work on the future and foresight. 

Several futures-oriented projects have had an influence on policymaking in Slovenia. Among the key reasons for their success are the following. For the work on technology foresight, which has had a strong influence on policymaking, forward-looking analysis was embedded into the policy process. Work on the upcoming development strategy (which will probably run from 2014 to 2020) provides a platform for the recently launched work to analyse medium-term (2020) pathways that lead to reductions in Slovenia's greenhouse gas emissions.

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